Webinar - Wind Energy and Wildlife: Comprehensive Species Mitigation to Streamline Permitting

April 16, 2019

Ben Cowan was a panelist during a webinar sponsored by Resource Environmental Solutions (RES) and the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) entitled “Wind Energy and Wildlife: Comprehensive Species Mitigation to Streamline Permitting.”

How does species mitigation work, how does it relate to key project milestones like habitat conservation plans and incidental take permits, and how does it affect project timelines? Drawing from case studies of completed bat mitigation projects across the Midwest, we’ll review what’s involved in working with local regulatory agencies to develop successful species mitigation projects that meet project timelines and satisfy permitting requirements. We will focus on the importance of developing trusted methodologies and relationships, as well as achieving project benefits beyond the streamlining of the permitting process.

This webinar was for project managers, environmental consultants, regulators, and anyone with interest in how species mitigation is evolving, especially concerning bat populations.

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