ABA Emerging Issues in Healthcare Law

Orlando, FL
March 13-16, 2019

Denise Hanna spoke at the ABA Emerging Issues in Healthcare Law conference taking place on March 13-16, 2019 in Orlando. Her session, "Here We Go Again – ACA Déjà Vu" was on March 15th.

Late last year, Judge O’Connor, of the federal district in the Northern District of Texas, refocused the nation’s attention on the ACA, issuing a summary judgment holding the Individual Mandate and with it the entire healthcare law to be unconstitutional, putting its future and all that has been put in place since its passage, at risk. During this session, our experts will cover the history of litigation related to the ACA and possible outcomes of Judge O’Connor’s decision; reactions of stakeholders to the continuing uncertainty about the ACA; recent and expected reactions and reform proposals coming from Congress and the states; and the regulatory sprint to reform the Stark Law and the AKS while the ACA is still in place.

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