Physicians Legal Issues Conference

Chicago, IL
June 7-9, 2018
Tammy Woffenden Co-Chaired the ABA Health Law Section's Physicians Legal Issues Conference in Chicago, June 7-9, 2018. To listen to Tammy explain the benefits of attending this year's conference, please click here.

Physicians continue to face challenging odds in a rapidly evolving healthcare market – whether remaining independent, adapting to an employment arrangement with an integrated system, or, with limited negotiating power, addressing consolidated payer markets. When confronted with the healthcare market’s uncertain political environment, complex federal and state regulatory requirements, lower and ever-changing reimbursement methods, and daily practice challenges, physicians are learning to adapt and thrive in very innovative ways. This unique program offers physicians, attorneys and their administrative partners an opportunity to learn more about these issues, discuss creative solutions, and address how to successfully maintain viable medical practices that offer quality services. As a combined education program with the Health Law Section and the Chicago Medical Society, attendees will have access to national speakers who can offer both legal and healthcare industry perspectives, and will be educated on key issues affecting employer and hospital relationships, business and industry responses to payer consolidation and market control, regulatory challenges, and every day "survival" techniques in hospital and private practice settings.

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