7th Annual UBM IP Pharma Conference

March 7-9, 2018
Jim Peterka spoke at the 7th Annual UBM IP Pharma Conference in Mumbai, India, March 7-9, 2018. The topic of their presentation was "Inherency in an Obviousness Analysis."

Topics covered included: 

  • The basics of inherent anticipation
  • Understanding the obviousness framework 
  • The evolving application of inherency in obviousness determinations

CPhI’s 7th Annual Pharma IPR Conference is a leading platform for Indian pharmaceutical companies to interact with the IP Attorneys and Counsels from across the globe and discuss the recent trends and best practices in the pharma IPR space. Since 2012, Pharma IPR Conference has focused on importance of Intellectual Property in Pharma syncing it with business objectives of Indian Pharma companies.

This three-day conference provided ample opportunities for business networking with visionary entrepreneurs and industry experts around the world.

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