Physicians Legal Issues Conference

InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile
Chicago, IL
June 8-9, 2017

Denise Hanna and Tammy Woffenden are attending the Physicians Legal Issues Conference, presented by the American Bar Association Health Law Section and the Chicago Medical Society, June 8-9, 2017 in Chicago. Denise is moderating the panel, "Payor Initiatives with Physicians and Payment Models in the Insurance Marketplace: A Changing Landscape," and Tammy is on the Planning Committee for the conference.

Physicians continue to face challenging odds in a rapidly evolving healthcare market - whether remaining independent, adapting to “employment” by an integrated system, or addressing consolidated payer markets with little or no negotiating power.  When confronted with aggressive hospital systems, lower reimbursement, and daily practice challenges, physicians are learning to adapt and thrive in very innovative ways.

This unique program offers physicians, attorneys and their administrative partners an opportunity to learn how these issues are being addressed by physicians and how they can succeed at maintaining viable medical practices that offer quality services at their core.

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