Information Security Media Group’s Healthcare Information Security Summit

The Westin San Francisco Airport
Millbrae, CA
September 17, 2015
David Szabo is speaking at the Information Security Media Group’s Healthcare Information Security Summit on September 17, 2015 in San Francisco, CA. 

As adversaries observe the rising value of ePHI, healthcare organizations are increasingly coming under attack as rich sources of that data. A team of health information security and compliance experts have been assembled to lay out the scope of the issues being faced and provide the latest guidance to help attendees reduce their organizations exposure to risk.

David will be a speaker at the following session: 
Vendor Management - Security, Risk and Compliance

The highly fragmented but collaborative health service provider ecosystem, presents a significant challenge in providing reliable access to protected patient health information while keeping it private. How best can we ensure that business associates are taking all the necessary steps to protect patient data and comply with the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule? In this session we'll address such aspects as:

  • Pre-Breach Data Security Provisions and Practices
  • Provisions as to Vendor's Role During a Breach
  • Provisions and Practices as to Vendor's Role after a Breach
  • How to manage a BA's refusal of terms demanded in an agreement.
  • Vendor Assurance is a Continuous Process

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