At the Podium

Privilege Issues in Bankruptcy: Do You Know Where the Lines are Drawn?

February 19, 2015

Jonathan Young, attorney in the Firm’s Chicago office, will be a panelist at the American Bar Association Bankruptcy & Insolvency Litigation Committee's Roundtable, entitled "Privilege Issues in Bankruptcy: Do You Know Where the Lines are Drawn?" on February 19, 2015 from 2-3PM EST.

With e-discovery permeating bankruptcy practice as it has in more traditional litigation, the questions surrounding the protection of privileged communications have become more complex. For example, do you expose communications that would otherwise be subject to the attorney client privilege or work product doctrine when you sign a proof of claim on behalf of your client, or when you work collaboratively with other creditors with whom you share a goal of maximizing the recovery for all creditors? Do privileged communications with a corporate client become subject to waiver if the client enters liquidation? The pitfalls abound and the decisional framework around the country is not entirely consistent. Join us for a discussion of these timely issues and strategies to pursue to protect you and your clients from unwitting loss or limitation of applicable privilege.

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