Locke Lord Team Obtains Jury Verdict in Favor of US Wind in $5 Million Breach of Contract Case

In what is the first litigation involving actual construction of an offshore wind farm, a Locke Lord team led by Toyja Kelley (Washington, D.C.) with assistance from Noah Mason (Atlanta), secured a jury verdict in favor of US Wind, an offshore wind energy development company, in a trial involving breach of contract and tortious interference brought against InterMoor, Inc., US Wind’s former installation contractor for the first phase of its offshore wind energy project in Maryland. The jury ultimately agreed with US Wind that InterMoor was in breach of contract, concluded that InterMoor intentionally interfered with US Wind’s prospective contractual relationships and awarded US Wind more than $4 million in damages. The jury also found that InterMoor acted with malice, and awarded US Wind nearly $1 million in punitive damages. Additionally, the jury rejected InterMoor’s claims against US Wind for breach of the party’s agreement.
Posted on October 17, 2023