Locke Lord has forged long-standing business relationships and built a world-renowned reputation for providing clients comprehensive legal counsel since the late 19th century. From modest origins in Boston and Dallas, Locke Lord has evolved into a global leader providing counsel to a host of Fortune 500 companies and positioning itself for continued success throughout the 21st century.

    The timeline below provides a snapshot of our founding, some of the Firm’s greatest successes and the legendary lawyers who put Locke Lord on a path of strategic growth designed to support our family of clients in addressing the complexities of today’s high-tech driven society.

    Locke Lord Timeline

    1887 Storey Thorndike & Hoar opens in Boston, later becomes Palmer & Dodge.
    1891 Maurice Locke, a former mathematics professor at Valparaiso University, begins practicing law in Dallas.
    1894 Edwards & Angell established in Providence, R.I.
    1909 Moorfield Storey becomes inaugural president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a position he holds until his death in 1929.
    1914 Donald R. Richberg, Harold Ickes and John Lord form one of the first groups of lawyers that would become the basis of the Firm's Chicago office. Richberg would head the National Recovery Administration (NRA) and Ickes would later become Secretary of the Interior in President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration.
    1916 The Houston office opens when William Huggins and Paul Kayser form a partnership known as Huggins & Kayser. The first client is Jesse Jones, the owner of the Houston Chronicle and countless other business interests. Jones was an active voice in Franklin Roosevelt's administration and, had FDR not run for a third term, was the favored candidate by the Democratic Party for the Presidency.
    1921 Frank Liddell becomes a Partner in the Firm's Houston office and is quickly recognized as an outstanding trial lawyer. In one remarkable libel case, resulting from an article in the Houston Chronicle that accused a doctor of murdering a young woman, the doctor lost the suit and ended up in the federal penitentiary with two of his witnesses because of perjury charges.
    1924 In Chicago, John Lord drafts an "organization chart" envisioning five areas of concentration – corporations and estates, public utilities, insurance, trial and tax – and opens another predecessor firm in Chicago by the name of Lord, Wire & Cobb.
    1929 The Firm files Lloyd's first financial statement in Illinois. The Lloyd's underwriting market subsequently increases exponentially in the United States.
    1931 Cushman Bissell Sr. rejoins the Firm in Chicago as a name Partner. He had left the Firm as an Associate in 1931 because of the low salary of $65 per month.
    1938 David J. Kadyk joins the Chicago partnership in 1936 and becomes a name Partner in 1938.
    1945 The Chicago office, composed of nine Partners and 15 Associates, focuses on the substantial real estate development brought on by the end of World War II.
    1946 Charles Sapp joins the Firm in Houston and helps create one of the first national law school recruiting programs.
    1950 Edwards & Angell hires first female lawyer, Beverly Long, who was admitted to the partnership in 1959.
    1951 Janice M. Richardson becomes the first female lawyer to join the Firm in Chicago. The same year, Cushman Bissell takes the helm as president of the Chicago Bar Association.
    1954 Herbert Brook becomes a name Partner on July 1, changing the name of the Lord Lloyd and Bissell predecessor to Lord Bissell & Brook.
    1958 John Lord, now 77, notes the Firm has shown "amazing growth ... not surpassed by any other law firm in Chicago."
    1965 Six young attorneys form Rain Harrell Emery Young & Doke – another predecessor firm – in Dallas.
    1967 Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon predecessor firm established in Chicago.
    1969 Palmer & Dodge admits the first female lawyer, Virginia Aldrich, to the partnership, the first woman partner of any major Boston law firm.
    1974 The Firm opens its office in Austin to offer government relations services and represent Austin's growing business sector.
    1976 Fleischman and Walsh established in Washington, D.C., later becomes Fleischman and Harding.
    1978 The Firm opens its Los Angeles office.
    1978-2005 Edwards & Angell establishes offices in New York, Florida, Connecticut and New Jersey.
    1979 John Lord dies at the age of 98. In his honor, the Firm establishes John S. Lord scholarships at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University.
    1981 Lord Bissell & Brook's Executive Committee is restructured and Roger R. Fross becomes the first Managing Partner.
    1983  The Firm's Atlanta office opens.
    1987 The merger that forms Locke Purnell Rain Harrell in Dallas creates one of the largest law firms in the Southwest. 

    The Firm's London office opens to expand the insurance and reinsurance practices internationally. 
    1988  Morris Harrell is selected by U.S. Supreme Court Justice William Renquist to serve a three-year minimum term on the Judicial Fellows Commission, a prestigious 11-member group responsible for selecting individuals to serve in the Judicial Fellows Program.

    The John S. Lord Scholarship becomes the John S. Lord and Cushman B. Bissell Scholarship after the death of Cushman Bissell Sr. A similar scholarship is created at Harvard Law School. 
    1990 Several high-profile attorneys join the Firm and open the New Orleans office.
    1991 Partner Kirk Dillard leaves to become Chief of Staff for the Governor of Illinois. He subsequently returns to the Firm in July 1994.
    1996 Locke Lord opens its New York office.
    1999 Locke Purnell Rain Harrell merges with Liddell Sapp Zivley Hill & LaBoon to form Locke Liddell & Sapp LLP, which, at the time, is the largest law firm merger in U.S. legal history.
    2001 Harriet Miers – then Co-Managing Partner of Locke Liddell & Sapp – joins the Bush Administration as Assistant to the President & Staff Secretary to President George W. Bush. She later serves as White House Counsel before returning to the Firm in 2007.

    Locke Lord opens its Washington, D.C., office to assist clients on a federal level.

    Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge established with the merger of Edwards & Angell and Palmer & Dodge.

    2006 The Firm opens its Sacramento office to expand its services to health care clients.
    2007 Jerry Clements is named Managing Partner of Locke Liddell & Sapp – becoming the second female at the helm in the Firm's history. On October 2, Lord Bissell & Brook and Locke Liddell & Sapp combine to form Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP. Jerry Clements becomes Chair of the combined Firm.
    2008 Edward Angell Palmer & Dodge establishes Hong Kong office.
    2009 The Firm opens a San Francisco office and significantly increases the size of its New York office. This expansion is part of Locke Lord's strategic growth plan to increase the depth of its already strong IP practice.
    2011 Locke Lord opens a Hong Kong office as one of its strategic goals to increase business opportunities in Asia and raise the Firm's global profile.

    Following a nationwide trend among law firms to use shorter names, Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP changes its name to Locke Lord LLP.
    Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge merges with Fleischman and Harding.

    Edwards Wildman established with the merger of Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge with W`ildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon; Tokyo office opens.
    2012 Having established a presence in London decades ago, Locke Lord expands its London office, providing full service offerings in the UK, as well as a gateway to the Firm's international work in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
    2013 Locke Lord opens a new and much larger Hong Kong office, enhancing its commitment to expand its presence and practice capabilities in both Asia and around the world.

    Edwards Wildman opens an office in Istanbul, Turkey operating as Edwards Wildman Danismanlik Hizmetleri Avukatlik Ortakligi.

    2015 Locke Lord combines with Edwards Wildman, significantly expanding its footprint in key strategic U.S. and international markets and creating a legal powerhouse with offices around the world servicing clients across a wide array of practice areas.
    2016 Locke Lord opens a Cincinnati office as part of the Firm’s continued expansion of its Public Finance practice.

    2018 Unanimously nominated by Locke Lord’s Leadership Succession Committee and then by the Firm’s Executive Committee before being ratified by the Firm’s Partners, David Taylor is named Locke Lord Chair.




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