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    The now infamous prohibitions of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) on certain telephone calls, text messages and facsimile communications, unchecked by damage caps, have spawned thousands of high-exposure class actions across the United States. With potential statutory damages often running into billions of dollars, large private and public companies have been forced into multi-million-dollar settlements, while a number of smaller companies have gone out of business altogether. The litigation is not slowing down. Indeed, numerous cases are being filed daily and some of the plaintiffs' bar's best and brightest lawyers have formed practices centered entirely on TCPA litigation.

    Recognizing the dangers inherent in these actions, Locke Lord was one of the very first firms in the United States to form a practice section and team of lawyers devoted to defending these complex cases. Locke Lord's TCPA Litigation and Compliance Section is comprised of trial lawyers and litigators across the Firm's offices, including in the two jurisdictions that see the majority of this litigation – Illinois and California. These lawyers spend a significant amount of time defending TCPA class actions for some of the nation’s biggest companies. To be up-to-the-minute on the relevant law, our lawyers monitor virtually all new TCPA decisions rendered by courts across the United States on a daily basis. And, having handled dozens of nationwide TCPA class actions, our lawyers have developed pleadings and motions addressing most of the major TCPA issues. This allows our teams to devote their time to quickly and efficiently tailoring defenses that meet the unique circumstances of any case.

    As a result of our extensive experience, knowledge and dedication to this area of the law, our lawyers have been retained by some of the country's biggest and most successful private and public (Fortune 500) companies to defend their most dangerous and complex TCPA class actions against the very best plaintiffs lawyers. The lawyers in our section practice as a cohesive team. Each case is staffed with an efficient mix of partners, associates, counsel and paralegals, depending on the potential exposure and the particular circumstances involved. Every individual has a defined role – a substantive or procedural area in which he or she has developed a particular proficiency in the handling of TCPA class actions, resulting in efficient service for our clients.

    In addition to our class-leading TCPA litigation practice, our lawyers also regularly assist companies with TCPA-related compliance and regulatory matters. Our team creates and implements TCPA-compliant policies and procedures for clients concerned about potential TCPA exposure and help evaluates target companies for M&A transactions.

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