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    Locke Lord has a dedicated group of lawyers ready to respond to consumer-fraud litigation in jurisdictions across the United States. Our team aggressively defends clients in class action and high-exposure individual cases that often seek recovery for breach of contract, common-law fraud, violations of state or federal consumer-fraud or deceptive-trade-practice statutes, various consumer-protection statutes, purported RICO claims, or other related theories. Locke Lord’s consumer-fraud litigation lawyers have experience in many industries, including banking and finance, real estate, insurance, healthcare, technology, medical devices, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail and telecommunications.

    Our team evaluates each matter they handle early and often to develop a strategy that is most appropriate for each individual case and client. While our lawyers will provide the best legal strategy for defeating a claim, we also understand that the legal strategy is only one factor in responding to consumer-fraud class actions. These cases can present unique challenges in terms of cost, diversion of management and employee time and energy, and challenges to a company’s brand and public image. We evaluate all those factors in deciding whether to focus on litigation or on early settlement negotiations in an attempt to resolve the case out of court.

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