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    Companies of every size face personal injury claims from employees, customers and the general public. Locke Lord’s litigation lawyers have represented clients in significant personal injury and wrongful death cases for decades, including mass tort actions (both multidistrict litigation and class actions). Whether the result of alleged negligence, premises defect or a defective product, Locke Lord’s lawyers have the skill, experience and resourcefulness to handle the matter from investigation through verdict. We routinely obtain early resolution of personal injury matters through targeted discovery, mediations and motions for summary judgment. We have also tried personal injury and wrongful death cases to verdict before judges and juries in state and federal courts nationwide. Moreover, our lawyers have been at the forefront of important appellate advances in personal injury law relating to causation, expert testimony and damages such as Transportation Ins. Co. v. Moriel, 879 S.W.2d 10 (Tex. 1994), which established the framework for punitive damages claims in Texas and mandated bifurcated trials on punitive damages at the defendant’s election, and Salgado v. General Motors Corp., 150 F.3d 735 (7th Cir. 1998), which established the requirements for Rule 26 expert reports.

    Some of the areas we have represented clients in defense of personal injury and wrongful death claims are as follows:

    • Commercial aircraft accidents, general aircraft accidents, helicopter accidents and other aviation incidents
    • Oilfield accidents
    • Natural gas and other pipeline accidents
    • Railway accidents
    • Automotive accidents
    • Trucking and tractor-trailer accidents
    • Silica and asbestos exposure
    • Drug exposure and efficacy
    • Pharmacist negligence
    • Nursing negligence
    • Medical malpractice
    • Premises liability
    • Vinyl chloride exposure
    • Consumer product incidents
    • Commercial and industrial accidents

    With litigation lawyers across the United States and in London and Hong Kong, Locke Lord stands ready to assist our clients when they face significant personal injury claims.

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