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    Daniel Fiorello is a Patent Attorney of the Firm and a member of its Intellectual Property department. Daniel is highly experienced in patent preparation and prosecution and technological fields such as aerospace (e.g., aircraft and related systems, turbomachines and associated components, software systems, electrical systems, drones and related technology, rocketry), electrical power generation and electrical motor systems, engines, weapons and related systems (e.g., firearm systems), optics, photovoltaics, nanotechnology, medical devices and methods, sensors, control software, user software (e.g., apps), materials science, packaging sciences, and many other fields.

    Daniel is experienced in the field of Design Patents and has been published by the World Trademark Review for an article relating to US design patent practice. Daniel additionally counsels clients on trademark protection and enforcement. Daniel has also assisted the firm in commercial litigation, trademark litigation, and patent litigation.  In addition to intellectual property practice, Daniel has counseled clients regarding U.S. regulations regarding drug and cosmetics indications and packaging, marijuana laws, and various DEA, FDA, and state regulations.

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