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    Scarlett Collings recognizes that litigation sometimes is a necessary means to an end, but it is never the final objective and often, it is not the only alternative. Ever mindful of her clients’ business goals, risk appetite, and real-world problems and opportunities, she is as comfortable negotiating a dispute resolution as she is aggressively fighting for one. Whether it is a Delaware chancery court, New York state or federal district judge, or East Texas jury, Scarlett is creative in her problem-solving, relaxed and conversational in her storytelling-style, and laser-focused on achieving the best outcome for the client.

    With over twenty years of law practice, Scarlett has the critical thinking breadth and depth, and the interpersonal intuition to navigate all facets of complex commercial litigation, investigation, and dispute resolution from the courtroom to the board room – and anywhere else in between, as the client needs.  Disputes over mergers and other business combinations, securities representations and disclosures, financial derivatives and structured financing transactions, and business activities in the energy sector including upstream, midstream, and services are well within her wheelhouse. Scarlett has participated in every facet of litigation, including jury and bench trials, dispositive motion practice and argument, fact and expert witness depositions, alternative dispute resolution, and mandamus and appeals. She represents clients in a variety of industries and business organizations, including publicly traded, family owned, and joint ventured energy companies, private equity investors and managers, capital market participants, insurers, credit support providers, real estate developers and construction specialists, product manufacturers, and financial and commercial services providers.

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