Locke Lord Diversity Chief Offers Practical Tips on Creating an Effective Inclusion Strategy

World Trademark Review
May 24, 2021

Locke Lord Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Paulette Brown authored an article for World Trademark Review outlining Locke Lord's approach to implementing diversity and inclusion policies and initiatives. She notes D&I is one of the Firm's articulated core values, supported by a strategic plan that establishes goals advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. Brown discusses many of the Firm's successes, including the Diverse Mentoring Program that has demonstrably led to increased retention of diverse attorneys.

Brown offers advice on crafting an effective D&I strategy, writing, “ I would also advise firms to review their history – understand their data and opportunities provided to various demographics over time – and then implement policies to overcome any possible deficits relating to everyone not included. There should also be an understanding that ‘equal’ does not necessarily mean ‘equitable.’”

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