The Future of Payments Regulation

Emerging Payments Association
March 2020

London Associate Giedre Mitkute authored an article in an Emerging Payments Association white paper discussing regulatory changes that could be made to positively influence the payment services market. Mitkute’s article focuses on the future of e-money, including the possibility that a comprehensive consolidation of e-money and payment services regulations could make e-money redundant. To ensure continued innovation in the industry, Mitkute calls for clear, consistent regulations governing e-money, payment services and similar products.

“The relevance of e-money based solutions in the future is very much dependent on the evolution of the regulatory framework to cater for developments in this sector and the broad range of products or services to which it may apply. In fact, a wholesale update to the regulatory framework may mean it is time to pull the plug on the concept of e-money, at least as we know it today,” Mitkute writes.

To read the white paper, click here.