Vaping Health Issues Not Souring Americans on Marijuana Legalization
October 25, 2019

The deaths and injuries traced to vaping have rattled Americans generally and the cannabis industry particularly, as at least some of the cases appear traceable to cannabis vaping products. According to an article in Forbes, however, the vaping incidents have not yet dampened American support for legal marijuana, which remains steady at 66% in a recent Gallup survey.

Legalization supporters and opponents have used the vaping incidents to further their respective agendas. Opponents have cited the incidents as evidence that marijuana is not safe for human consumption, and argued we need to slow down the legalization efforts. Supporters of legalization have argued that the incidents show the dangers associated with an unregulated market – people are not getting sick from legal vaping products, they are getting sick from illegal vaping products that fill the void caused by prohibition. So the argument goes, instead of slowing down legalization efforts, we should fully legalize and regulate the marijuana market.

Merits aside, it does not appear those arguments are changing many minds; marijuana legalization continues to receive widespread support across party lines, ideologies, ages, and races. Stay tuned to our blog as we continue to monitor and report on the public’s reaction to the vaping health issues and how that impacts the broader cannabis industry.

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