All change (again!) A General Election is Called in the UK
October 31, 2019

We could be on the verge of some meaningful change that would mean the UK finally starts to move forward again. On Tuesday, after a roller-coaster of a day when rumour followed rumour, the House of Commons finally voted for a general election to be held on Thursday, 12 December. First it was on, then it was off, then the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn decided to support a general election, then there were attempted amendments to the bill and, in the end, Prime Minister Boris Johnson got what he originally asked for on Monday.

As such, Parliament will be formally dissolved on Wednesday, 6 November and the official campaign will commence on Thursday, 7 November. Of course there has been unofficial campaigning since September as this election was widely expected for some time given the deadlock in Parliament and the lack of any clear path forward in relation to Brexit.  The results of this election will determine what happens next for Brexit.  A Conservative majority is likely to deliver implementation of the deal that Boris Johnson renegotiated with the EU; a hung Parliament will lead back to where we are now and may mean that a second referendum becomes more likely.  Even if a second referendum was held, there is no guarantee that the results of that process will lead to a materially different position than we find ourselves in now.

Whatever the outcome, the next six weeks will be dominated by the election campaign and Brexit.  The results will be known on Friday the 13th.  For those that are superstitious, that could be a portent of things to come!

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