Brexit Continues to Test the UK Constitution
September 12, 2019

In our last blog post, we mentioned that there had been three Court challenges to Prime Minister ‎Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament until 14 October.  All three of those challenges were ‎dismissed in the first instance, the last being in Northern Ireland, which was dismissed today ‎‎(click here to see the judgment).

However, the challenge in the Scottish Courts was ‎subject to a further appeal in Scotland and that appeal was successful yesterday (the full judgment will be handed ‎down tomorrow at 12 pm UK time, but click here for a summary).  ‎

All three are now heading to the UK Supreme Court to be heard on Tuesday.  Given the detailed ‎judgment of the English High Court (click here to see the judgment) and the tendency for the UK Supreme Court ‎to avoid interfering with political matters, it is hard to see how the decision to prorogue will actually be ‎overturned.

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