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The Joint Status Report, A Cannabis Industry Podcast Presented by Locke Lord - Ep. 5

August 27, 2019

On this episode of the podcast, co-hosts Doug Sargent and David Standa talk with Chicago Cannabis Industry Group Associate, Irina Dashevsky about the DEA’s announcement to expand licensing to grow marijuana for scientific and medical research (0:45), the confusion regarding the IDFPR’s interpretation of the Illinois recreational marijuana law and whether medical marijuana dispensaries can change locations and still be granted an early approval adult use license (4:45), the concerns about possible over-taxation of the Illinois recreational marijuana market (12:01), how the Illinois medical marijuana program will be impacted when the recreational program goes live (15:25), and how the timing of the social equity grant and loan applications may need to be adjusted to ensure the social equity program can be successful (17:52). Continue to check out Locke Lord’s blog for more upcoming episodes of The Joint Status Report and developments in the cannabis industry.

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