Vote on Brexit Withdrawal Deferred
December 11, 2018

Facing the prospect of certain defeat for the vote originally planned for today, the UK Prime Minister decided yesterday to defer the vote on the draft Withdrawal Agreement on the UK exit from the EU for an indefinite period.  The Prime Minister is now visiting European leaders to explore what, if anything, is possible in terms of further concessions or assurances from the EU27.  There is a widely held view that the Prime Minister’s efforts will not lead to any meaningful changes to the proposed agreement or the related political declaration.  Without a concession on the Northern Ireland back-stop, or actual commitments on the shape of a future trade deal between the UK and the EU27, it is hard to see how this impasse will be resolved.  Increasingly, the Prime Minister’s position looks precarious and a change in leadership of the UK Government may very well be closer than at any point so far in this process.  Unfortunately, for the UK, EU and the world, the uncertainty continues.

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