Expanded Political Declaration on the UK’s Future in Europe
November 26, 2018

During the evening of the 21st of November, the Prime Minister reached political agreement with the EU27 on an expanded declaration on Britain’s future relationship with the EU, which was presented to the UK Parliament in the afternoon of the 22nd.  This document is now 26 pages in length and may be found here.

Of particular interest are provisions in respect of Services and Investment (paragraphs 29-36), Financial Services (paragraphs 37-39), Digital (paragraphs 40-42) and Capital Movements and Payments (paragraph 43).  At paragraph 142 could be interesting as it envisions a schedule to be prepared by 29 March to deliver the work programme required (although it is expressed as a ‘should’ and not a ‘must’).  It remains to be seen whether the UK Parliament will approve the draft Withdrawal Agreement, which would pave the way to work commencing on the future relationship.  That vote is now scheduled for 10 December.  At the moment, there is significant opposition to the draft agreement and it is hard to see how it will pass unless key parties such as the Scottish National Party, Democratic Unionist Party and the Labour Party change their positions (as well as a significant number of Conservative MPs who are currently against the agreement).

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