Visa-free travel to continue post-Brexit
August 18, 2017

The BBC has reported today that the Government intends to allow EU visitors to travel to the UK without a visa following Brexit. However, any visitor who wishes to work, study or settle in the UK will have to apply for permission to do so. Currently all EU citizens are free to travel, live and work in the UK without a visa or permit. However, critics of the proposals question whether such a system would leave a “back door” open into Britain, and how the Government would stop European visitors staying longer than permitted, or getting jobs without the necessary visa or permit. One Labour MP, Ben Bradshaw, has warned that “Restricting the right to come and work in Britain while leaving an open door for everyone else seems to be opposite of a common sense immigration system”. The Home Office has responded to the reports stating that its proposals for the post-Brexit immigration system will be published “in due course”.

Meanwhile, the Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop, has called on the UK Government to give commonwealth citizens the same rights as European citizens to come and live and work in Britain after Brexit. Mrs Bishop’s statement comes after reports that the UK Home Office is planning on creating a “light touch” online system for European workers applying to come to Britain post-Brexit.

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