Davis urges both sides to “get down to business” in Brexit negotiations
July 17, 2017

David Davis, the Government’s Brexit Secretary, has called upon both Britain and the EU to “get down to business” on negotiations for the UK’s departure from the EU. Mr Davis arrived in Brussels today for a second round of formal talks with the EU on the UK’s departure arrangements. The discussions between the two sides will last four days and Davis has made his feelings clear that “it is incredibly important we now make good progress” and that this round of talks would be “getting into the real substance” of the arrangements. Davis highlighted the issue of reciprocal rights of EU nationals in the UK and UK nationals in the EU as being a priority.

Meanwhile Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, said that this round of talks would “now delve into the heart of the matter”. Mr Davis returned to the UK after merely three hours at the EU Commission, with the technical work to continue throughout today and the next three days in his absence. Mr Davis will return on Thursday to review the progress made and lay down preparations for the next round of talks. Mr Barnier has said that an update on the progress made will be given in a press conference on Thursday. In relation to the issue of EU citizens’ rights in the UK, Mr Barnier has said that major differences between the two sides exist on the subject.

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