The Queen sets out the Government’s Brexit program
June 22, 2017

In the ceremonial State opening of Parliament today, the Queen announced the Government’s legislative program for the next two years. In a speech delivered in the House of Lords, and accompanied by the Prince of Wales, the Queen’s Speech proposed a range of new laws designed to ready the nation for a smooth and orderly departure from the EU.

Of a total of twenty-seven bills announced by the Queen, eight related to Brexit and the impact it will have on key industries in the UK. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, aims to pass bills to repatriate powers over customs and trade, ending freedom of movement in the EU, and granting Britain the power to form free trade deals outside of the EU. In addition, a Repeal Bill will be introduced to revoke the European Communities Act 1972 and will allow Britain to transpose current EU laws into UK law ensuring legal continuity.

Additional bills concerning Brexit include; an International Sanctions Bill, Nuclear Safeguards Bill, Agricultural Bill, Fisheries Bill and an Immigration Bill.

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