Theresa May’s Conservative manifesto opts for “Hard Brexit”
May 18, 2017

Theresa May published the Conservative party’s manifesto today ahead of the General Election on the 8 June. The notable position emerging from it is her intention to take a hard line on the forthcoming Brexit negotiations with the EU, due to start at the end of June.

Some of the key statements to note from the manifesto include:

  • “We will no longer be members of the single market or customs union”
  • “The days of Britain making vast annual contributions to the European Union will end”
  • “We continue to believe that no deal is better than a bad deal for the UK”
  • “It is our objective to reduce immigration to sustainable levels, by which we mean annual net migration in the tens of thousands”
  • “We will continue to maintain the same cash total in funds for farm support until the end of the parliament.”

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