Juncker denies that he leaked details of Downing Street Dinner to German press
May 10, 2017

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, has denied that he or one of his team leaked details of the heated Downing Street dinner with Theresa May on Brexit, calling the disclosure “a serious mistake”. Mr. Juncker, or his inner circle, have been blamed by Downing Street for a detailed account in a German newspaper of how the two sides discovered they were far apart at the private dinner on April 26. It has been reported that Mrs. May had declared “let us make Brexit a success” to which Mr. Juncker responded “Brexit cannot be a success”. Mr. Juncker, speaking in the German city of Bonn on Monday night, responded: “The fact that parts of this conversation were reported was a serious mistake – I am very talented with regard to self-criticism but I do not want to saddle myself with that.” Mr. Juncker also insisted that his relations with Mrs. May were better than assumed after reports of the dinner. “I am getting on well with Theresa May, contrary to what has been reported in recent days. She is a tough lady . . . but we do not have the same opinion. In this regard, love has natural limits.” The news follows allegations from the UK Government that the EU was taking active steps to damage the Conservative Party’s general election campaign ahead of the vote on 8 June.

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