Germany’s declining respect for the UK and US
May 31, 2017

The Financial Times has reported that the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has hinted that Germany’s English speaking allies, particularly the UK and the United States, are rapidly dropping down the country’s list of close partners since the UK’s referendum vote in June 2016. With the UK’s parliamentary elections looming on the 8th June 2017, British politicians and pundits have seized on Ms Merkel’s comments. The London Evening Standard accused the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, and her Conservative government of “high-handed arrogance”, of mishandling preparations for Brexit and of damaging the UK’s international standing. Amber Rudd, the UK Home Secretary, told the BBC that Britain would remain a reliable partner to Germany and the rest of Europe in defence, security “and, we hope, in trade”. German press articles have compared Mrs May with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s strongman president and in a scathing article concerning US president, Donald Trump, for Deutsche Welle, Barbara Wesel, the German public broadcaster’s Brussels correspondent, begins her piece with: “With respect, Mr President: Sir, you are an idiot”. Germans dislike Mr Trump and hold Theresa May’s Brexit Britain in low regard because they think each is out of sync with their country, whose security, prosperity and modern identity are embedded in European co-operation.

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