Sturgeon targets late 2018 for second Scottish Referendum due to Brexit
March 10, 2017

A second Scottish independence vote is now looking “inevitable” after the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, earmarked Autumn 2018, making it a question of when, not if, a vote is called.

The First Minister commented in a BBC documentary on Brexit that the “common sense time” for staging the referendum would be once the shape of the UK’s deal to leave the EU that Theresa May, the Prime Minister, secures became clear. But Sturgeon stressed that this decision has not been made yet.

When asked about this proposed time frame, she responded: “Within that window, I guess, of when the outline of a UK deal becomes clear and the UK exiting the EU, I think would be common sense time for Scotland to have that choice, if that is the road we choose to go down.”

The British Government could withhold the legal authority for an independence vote, but as a minister reportedly commented: “It’s looking inevitable, I don’t think we’re in any position to stop it happening”.

An Ipsos Mori poll released on Thursday showed Scots were currently split 50-50 on Scottish independence.

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