Second Brexit defeat for government in the House of Lords
March 8, 2017

The Government suffered a second defeat in the House of Lords on Brexit yesterday, as peers voted 366 to 268, calling for a “meaningful” parliamentary vote on the final terms secured by the Prime Minister, Theresa May, on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. The previous defeat last week concerned rights of EU citizens currently living in the UK being guaranteed once Britain leaves the EU.

Ministers of the House of Commons have said it was disappointing and that they would seek to overturn this when the bill returns to the Commons.

After a three-hour debate on Tuesday, for the second time in a week peers amended the legislation that will authorise Theresa May to notify the EU of the UK’s intention to leave, commencing official Brexit negotiations. The amendment, which was carried by a majority of 98, would require the final terms of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU to be put to separate votes in the Commons and the Lords.

The turnout in the Lords for the vote was reportedly the largest since 1831.

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