Brexit debate in House of Commons: take it or leave it
February 7, 2017

Addressing MPs as they debated a bill authorising the Government to begin the formal Brexit process today, Brexit minister David Jones has said MPs would get to vote on the final draft Brexit agreement before it was voted upon by the European Parliament. He told MPs: “this will be a meaningful vote. It will be the choice of leaving the EU with a negotiated deal or not.”

Jones also said that the UK would still leave the EU, albeit on different terms, if the deal was rejected. MPs reacted in opposition to his announcement that they would either have to accept the Brexit deal Theresa May secures or accept no Brexit deal. MPs want the opportunity for the UK to be able to renegotiate the Brexit deal for better terms for Britain if necessary. 

It remains to be seen whether opposition MPs and some Conservatives who oppose the so-called “take it or leave it” deal accept this.

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