Prime Minister states that UK cannot keep “bits of EU membership”, hinting the UK may leave the ‎single market
January 9, 2017

In an interview with Sky News’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday the Prime Minister, Theresa May stated that ‎people cannot expect to retain “bits of EU membership” following Brexit, as “[the UK is] leaving. We ‎are coming out. We are not going to be a member of the EU any longer”. Mrs May made the ‎statement after she was asked whether she would “prioritise” controlling immigration over retaining ‎single market access. Whilst Mrs May did not commit to prioritising either way, she hinted that ‎controlling EU immigration is the key, saying that Brexit will allow the UK “to have control of our ‎borders, control of our laws”. Mrs May also said, however, that it would be wrong to look at the ‎question of free movement and trade “as a sort of zero sum game”, stating that what was best for the ‎UK and it’s post-Brexit relationship with the EU, would also be good for the EU too.‎

The Prime Minister also rejected criticism that her and the government’s approach to Brexit is ‎‎“muddled” – last week Sir Ivan Rogers, the UK’s ambassador to the EU resigned his position, criticising ‎the “muddled thinking” amongst ministers and their approach to Brexit negotiations. ‎

Mrs May confirmed that she will be setting out more details of the government’s plan for Brexit in the ‎coming weeks.

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