Theresa May faces uncertain future as PM if she continues to back ‘hard Brexit’
December 12, 2016

Kenneth Clarke, former Chancellor of the Exchequer, has warned that Theresa May could lose her position as Prime Minister if she decides to press ahead with a ‘hard Brexit’ strategy and leave the European Single Market. Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday Politics programme, Mr. Clarke commented that simply pulling out of the EU would be “pretty catastrophic” for the UK, and only a minority of MPs in the House of Commons currently support the Prime Minister’s vision. However, Mr. Clarke continued by saying that Mrs. May has always been a strong advocate of free trade and hoped that she would re-consider her approach going forward. Last week, the House of Commons voted to support the Government’s timetable for Brexit, with Mr. Clarke the only Conservative politician to oppose the strategy. Instead, Mr. Clarke has been pressing the Government to publish a white paper setting out a “strategy on which all the cabinet are agreed”. Until now, the Prime Minister has firmly rejected such proposals, stating that she doesn’t want to reveal the Government’s plans before any formal negotiations have begun with other European leaders.

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