Prime Minister May: “It’s important that we don’t leave it [Brexit] for too long”
December 8, 2016

The Financial Times has today published an article in which it interviewed the Prime Minister Theresa May. On Brexit, which is widely agreed will be the defining issue of her premiership, Mrs May said “It’s important that we don’t leave it for too long, otherwise people will lose faith in their politicians, they’ll think that we’re trying to pull the wool over their eyes”. Mrs May had supported Remain during the referendum campaign, but angered former Prime Minister David Cameron, and other Remain MPs, by maintaining a relatively low profile during the campaign.

Mrs May told the FT, that whilst Brexit will undoubtedly be complex, due to the Britain’s 40 year involvement in the bloc, she wants to see “as smooth and orderly a process as possible”. Mrs May acknowledged that the remaining EU countries have a vested interest in ensuring that other countries do not break away, and that the atmosphere at the talks may be tense. Mrs May accepted that whilst her relationship with German Chancellor Angela Merkel is significant (at their recent meeting they discovered that they shared many interests), it is important to build relationships with the other 27 members states which will be sitting around the negotiating table.

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