Independent body seeks assurance that EU nationals currently living in the UK will be allowed to stay
December 12, 2016

The Three Million group (named after the approximate number of EU nationals who currently work in the EU) are putting pressure on the Government to give EU nationals a guarantee that they will be allowed to stay in the UK after brexit. The Government has announced that it wants to allow EU nationals to stay in the UK, but Member States must reciprocate such an agreement and allow British citizens living in the EU to enjoy the same rights. Meanwhile the think tank British Future wants a “fair” cut-off date for any citizenship changes. British Future’s report states that it is “morally wrong to use EEA nationals in the UK as bargaining chips to secure the rights of UK nationals in Europe”. Labour MP Gisela Stewart , Chairwoman of Vote Leave and British Future said “Britain should make clear at the start of Brexit negotiations that EU citizens already here before that date (to be determined) can stay – this would send a clear signal about the kind of country the UK will be after Brexit and the relationship we want with Europe”.

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