Government faces new legal challenge over membership of single market
December 12, 2016

Campaigners have written to the Government today to announce that they are taking fresh legal action in the High Court in an effort to keep Britain in the Single Market. This legal challenge follows the recent Supreme Court appeal (the decision of which is expected in January 2017) concerning whether the Government will be required to obtain parliamentary approval before triggering Article 50 and beginning Britain’s formal process of withdrawing from the EU. A successful challenge in these fresh proceedings would be an even bigger blow for Mrs. May’s government with the prospect of no longer being able to make a clean break with the EU. Furthermore, such a decision would likely delay the Government’s plan of triggering Article 50 and could threaten to de-rail Brexit completely. The basis of this new legal challenge is based on the view that the Government has no mandate to withdraw from the Single Market because it was not included on the referendum paper on 23 June, nor was it part of the Conservative party’s manifesto at last year’s general election. This news has been met by fury from Eurosceptics who are accusing the campaigners of mounting a “vexatious claim” against the democratic will of the British people.

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