Prime Minister states that UK will not raise visa quota for India
November 7, 2016

Prime Minister Theresa May, who is in Delhi for her first bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has rejected calls to relax Indian visa rules, dashing Indian businesses’ hopes for a more liberal system. May is visiting India in the hope of paving the way for the UK’s first post-Brexit trade deal.

A spokesman for the Indian government suggested on Sunday that the policy of restricting the right of Indian students to stay in the UK after graduation (a policy brought in by May during her time as Home Secretary), could act as a block on any negotiations. Responding to the warning, May argued today that the UK’s immigration system is a good one, where nine out of 10 visa applications from Indian nationals are already accepted. May went on to state that more work visas are issued to Indian nationals than the US, Australia and China combined.

Earlier in her trip to the Indian capital, May laid out plans for India to be put on a “registered traveller scheme” which would allow frequent travellers to the UK to have a swifter more streamlined experience at British airports. The scheme currently only benefits nine other countries, travellers from none of which require visas to visit the UK.

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