Labour will not block Article 50
November 7, 2016

Sir Keir Starmer, Labour’s Shadow Brexit secretary, has confirmed that Labour will not block a parliamentary vote to trigger the Article 50 process by which the UK will leave the EU. Starmer did however state that Labour will press Ministers to reveal plans for negotiations with the EU, insisting that the party must know the government’s plans for Brexit prior to supporting a vote for invoking Article 50.

Starmer’s interview clarifies the party’s position following obscurity over Labour’s position at the weekend. On Saturday Jeremy Corbyn warned that Labour would block Article 50 if its key demands, including continued access to a single market, were not met. This position was rebutted by deputy leader Tom Watson on Sunday, before Starmer today clarified Labour’s position, stating that [click here] “We [Labour] will not frustrate the process by simply voting down Article 50 but we’re absolutely clear that before we get to that stage the government must put its plan before parliament”.

The government’s Brexit Secretary, David Davis, is due to make a statement to the House of Commons today following the High Court’s ruling last week that Parliament should have a vote on whether the UK invokes Article 50.

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