British technology companies are relocating to Berlin, claims German campaign group
November 14, 2016

A promotional organisation called “Be Berlin” claims that its campaign to entice London-based technology start-ups to relocate to the German capital is succeeding. It has stated that 5 companies have already relocated and a further 39 are considering the move. Some of the attractions to Berlin over London for start-ups include lower commercial and living costs, as well as the promise of continued access to the free movement of European labour. Bryce Keane, co-founder of 3Beards, an organisation that has run networking events for start-ups in 29 cities, said: “No one substantial has moved yet, but Berlin is sitting pretty and will be confident it can be a winner from Brexit, especially since it can offer cheaper office and living space and a great quality of life. Great entrepreneurs will continue to build great companies no matter what obstacles they face, but technology is one of the sectors most concerned about Brexit because the talent, founders and investors are international.”

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