Prime Minister gives Conservative MPs opportunity to scrutinise Brexit
October 12, 2016

Since becoming Prime Minister, Theresa May has refused to put any vote to parliament on the terms of Brexit, implying that she would use her prerogative power to enforce the referendum result. The Labour party plan to hold a debate on Brexit today in Westminster in the hope that some Conservative MPs will back a proposed motion calling for MPs to be given more time to discuss exit plans before Article 50 is triggered. Theresa May has tabled an amendment which will allow Conservative MPs to back this motion, amongst rising concerns that she is losing the support of the House of Commons on this issue. However, several Conservative MPs who have criticised the government over its stance are not expected to support the Labour motion, accusing the government of playing political games. The official stance of the government has not changed, and Theresa May is still expected to strongly oppose any future attempts to put the terms of Brexit to a vote in the Commons.

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