Is Britain’s pending departure the start of the collapse of the EU?
October 25, 2016

Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker and fellow Eurocrats have expressed concerns over the future of the EU when Britain leaves. If Brexit is a success, then this may inspire other EU countries to follow suit, thus the beginning of the end for the EU bloc. Recent research and surveys may only confirm their fears.

New research from think-tank Demos reports that a number of European citizens are expressing a disinclination towards the EU almost as much as the British people have. While there is not as high a percentage of EU citizens who want to leave the EU as in Britain, figures show that 60 per cent of people in France feel unfavourably about the EU. A survey found that 33 per cent of French people would vote to leave the EU in a referendum. Many Europeans feel that the EU’s powers need to be curtailed, including 33 per cent in France and 23 per cent in Germany. Nearly half of those polled in France said that their society had changed “for the worse”.

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