David Davis rejects warnings that UK will pay the price for Brexit
October 11, 2016

David Davis, the Brexit minister, has declared that Brexit talks would be a great success for the UK economy, dismissing the French president’s recent claims that Britain would a pay “a price” for Brexit. Addressing concerns raised by the sudden fall in the value of sterling, Mr. Davis said that “while it has some downsides, it certainly has a very large number of upsides, too”. The government’s refusal to put the terms of Brexit to a vote in Westminster has also frustrated many MPs from across the political spectrum, with complaints that while the British people had chosen Brexit, they had not voted for a ‘hard brexit’ (i.e. to leave the single market). Mr Davis in reply said – “nobody should seek ways to thwart the will of the people” , adding that only “people who didn’t like the answer they were given on June 23” were demanding a commons vote.

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