A country that works for everyone
October 6, 2016

In an email statement to party members sent on October 5, 2016 following the end of the Conservative party conference, Theresa May, the Prime Minister set out details of her vision of a country that works for everyone. Stating that the referendum vote to leave the EU was not just that but also something broader and more fundamental. Amongst other issue identified, Mrs May stated that the Government intended to strengthen workers’ rights by reviewing laws to make sure that people are protected; have a proper industrial strategy identifying the industries that are of strategic value to the economy in order to support and promote them through trade, tax, infrastructure, skills, training and research and development policies; regain control of immigration both EU and non-EU stating that leaving the EU has produced an opportunity to control numbers of people coming to the UK from Europe; and reforming corporate governance, further details of which are to be announced later this year.

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