Hartford's Alex Cavaliere Shares ALS Diagnosis With The American Lawyer to Raise Awareness, Show That Lawyers With ALS or Other Disabilities Can Continue Working

June 2, 2021

In an interview with The American Lawyer, Hartford’s Alex Cavaliere discussed practicing law at Locke Lord since her ALS diagnosis in 2020, the challenges of her disease and the support she has received from family, friends and Firm colleagues. Cavaliere notes she shared her story within the Firm during ALS Awareness Month in May, wanting to raise awareness about the disease and open up about her experience.

“We go on day to day, and we really don’t think about what other people are dealing with. I would love to see more people be out with what they struggle with,” she said, noting she wants to show lawyers in her situation can continue to work.

She also commented on the value of continuing to work as a corporate lawyer and engaging in something unrelated to ALS. Cavaliere added her co-workers have “circled around” her, providing “complete and unconditional support.”

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Alex also spoke with WFAN about Lou Gehrig Day and ALS awareness.