Doug Sargent and Ryan Holz Quoted in Cook County Record on Effect of Illinois Federal Judge Ruling on Debt Collectors

April 5, 2018

Ryan Holz and Doug Sargent, both Partners in the Firm’s Chicago office, commented on a recent decision by an Illinois federal judge, which recognized the struggle that many debt collectors face when determining the lengths they should go to or the methods they should use to collect on a debt. According to Holz and Sargent, this decision could give debt collectors a slight legal boost. Holz said, “The decision does not change our advice to debt collectors, which is to comply with relevant statutes, regulations and precedent to the best of their ability. But the decision will provide debt collectors and their counsel with an additional tool in defending future debt collection litigation.” Sargent added, “Judge Ellis acknowledged the difficult position that debt collectors are often placed in when determining the right amount of information to convey to consumers. She rejected the idea that debt collectors need to tailor their communications ‘just right,’ noting that debt collectors are not intended to be a modern-day version of Goldielocks.”

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