Locke Lord Takes Shorter Name to Enhance Brand; Retains Distinctive, Visual Identity With Same Font and Color

    News Release

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    September 27, 2011 – Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell today announced it will shorten its name to Locke Lord (new logo shown above) and has begun the transition in its branding materials. The name-change initiative, led by Locke Lord’s Board of Directors, follows the gradual and widespread use of the shorter name throughout the legal field and by clients, most of whom already refer to the Firm simply as Locke Lord. The new name also follows a nationwide trend by law firms that have changed from longer titles with four or more names to shortened identities.

    “Around the country and around the world, many firms are adopting shorter names as part of enhanced branding and legal market trends,” said Firm Chair Jerry Clements. She said clients over time have become accustomed to using the shorter name Locke Lord, which evolved over the years since the 2007 merger of Texas-based Locke Liddell & Sapp and Chicago-based Lord, Bissell & Brook. “Our clients know us as Locke Lord, so we see this move as a strategic, practical adjustment to maximize our brand recognition and position in the global marketplace. Changing to Locke Lord allows us to leverage the equity and good reputation of the Firm and simplify at the same time.”

    Locke Lord’s logo retains the same warm red color and font that has branded the Firm throughout the legal community and beyond, and it retains the distinctive and familiar visual identity. The new design is cohesive with the existing logo but now positions the two names in a stacked format instead of the horizontal logo used when the Firm went by four names.

    “As we continue to grow and gain more visibility and recognition in overseas markets such as London and Asia, it becomes even more important to have a strong, easily recognizable brand,” Clements said. “Going to the Locke Lord name is a natural and common sense approach to the Firm’s growth and development, and we anticipate a smooth transition.”

    Locke Lord LLP consistently ranks among American Lawyer’s top 100 U.S. law firms. Our 30-plus practice areas serve national and international clients from offices in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Hong Kong, Houston, London, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Sacramento, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. We have built a solid reputation in complex litigation, regulatory and transactional work, and our nearly 650 attorneys build collaborative relationships and craft creative solutions – all designed and executed to meet clients’ long-term strategic goals. At the end of each year, we want our Firm to be better, stronger and more highly regarded than it was at the beginning.


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