Chief Executives’ Lending Forum 2018

    Speaking Engagement
    Locke Lord is Brand Sponsor for the March 15, 2018, Chief Executives’ Lending Forum 2018 Conference & Awards Gala. Joanne Davis, London Partner and Head of the Firm’s Asset, Leasing & Consumer Finance division in the UK will participate as a speaker. The conference will focus on key issues facing the lending industry in the UK in 2018 and beyond: 
    • The state of the market 10 years on from the financial crash - Key learning’s and future outlook including the impact of Brexit 
    • Market trends and the rising competition  in the UK lending market 
    • What does the future hold for traditional banks? 
    • Users perspective on asset finance and technology in consumer management 
    • Achieving growth of SME banking by harnessing digital customer data 
    • Policy update and review of regulatory parameters 
    • A due diligence provider’s view on new product development 
    • Sharing best practice in retaining and training employees:  What skills are relevant for the next decade? 
    • Exploring the role of technology and evaluating how it will transform lending in the next 5 years 

    Top industry decision makers and innovators will meet to debate new strategies, regulations, business practices and current trends in the industry. 

    For more information about the conference and the awards gala and to register for this event, please visit The Journal for Asset Finance LEASINGLIFE.


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