CIO Means Business – the 44th Annual SIMposium

    Information Technology is moving from a supporting role to a star player as IT increasingly becomes the core of business operations. CIOs and Senior IT executives should plan to attend SIMposium 2012, CIO Means Business, to develop the leadership and strategic skills necessary to keep your company on the cutting edge. SIMposium 2012 will offer a great line-up of speakers including Michael Abrashoff. Mr. Abrashoff took command of the worst-performing ship in the Pacific Fleet and made it the #1 ship by changing his leadership style and the culture, rather than the crew. He will share his inspiring story of organizational transformation at the SIMposium 2012 Monday morning General Session.

    Vincent Hess is participating in the SIMposium 2012. Their topic is entitled "Social Media Issues."

    This presentation frames the legal issues concerning the use of social media by an organization and its employees in furtherance of such organization's business objectives, as well as looking at usages that are detrimental to the organization. The speakers will present a 6-point framework to tackle such legal issues, as well as business challenges presented by social media sites. In this session, the speakers will identify the most common legal issues presented by social media, including leakage of company data to third party-controlled social media sites, and suggest how organizations can accomplish their goals in a legal and business friendly manner. These issues can include legal risks involving advertising and marketing, regulatory compliance, privacy, terms of use (contracting), online customer tracking, and limitations on technology. The speakers will also discuss legal issues by highlighting cases that led to company liability.

    In this session attendees will: 

    • Learn the basic legal challenges facing enterprise use of social media, and will take away a framework to help clarify the blurring line between personal and business interaction through digital mediums; and
    • Provide a practical framework to allow organizations to mitigate the risks associated with employee use of social media, whether on organization or personal devices.

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