ACI's Managed Care Litigation Conference

    Pat Coffey will be speaking at the ACI's Managed Care Litigation Conference taking place on May 17-18, 2011.

    As the litigation surrounding managed care organizations continues to heat up, learn how to:

    • MINIMIZE your exposure to False Claims Act violations under health care reform’s expanded statute
    • ANALYZE RICO implications raised in the Ingenix case
    • ESPOUSE the theories on which out-of-network providers pursue reimbursement from patients’ health plans
    • DETERMINE when to pursue affirmative cost recovery litigation against third parties
    • INTEGRATE existing state rules and health care reform provisions into a comprehensive system
    • DEFEND against class action lawsuits filed on behalf of subscribers and doctors

    Mr. Coffey will participate in a session entitled "Defending Against False Claims Actions and Identifying the Other Fraud & Abuse Implications of Managed Care Litigation."

    This session will discuss the following topics:

    • Minimizing your exposure to False Claims Act violations under Health Reform’s expanded statute
    • Ensuring diagnosis codes are properly submitted so that the plan is reimbursed correctly
    • Reporting to the government and paying back overpayments within a defined time period to avoid increased monetary penalties
      • responding to government inquiries
    • Investigating whether hospitals are increasing prices and upcoding patient treatments in order to get additional money from the managed care company
    • Top 5 things to do now to minimize your risk of a government investigation
    • Managing and defending against whistleblower claims and qui tam suits
    • Developing a risk adjustment model that withstands government scrutiny
      • justifying your sliding scale of increasing patient premiums

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