Second National Congress on the Un and Under Insured/First National Congress on Health Reform

    Patrick Coffey has been invited to speak at Second National Congress on the Un and Underinsured (Uninsured Congress), and the First National Congress on Health Reform (Health Reform Congress), September 22 - 24, 2008, at the Renaissance Washington DC Hotel in Washington, DC.

    The Congress is sponsored by California HealthCare Foundation, the Century Foundation, Harvard Health Policy Review, Health Affairs, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and a number of other major organizations and publications. The conference focuses on strategies to care for and cover the nation's un and underinsured as well as broader issues of reforming the nation's health system. 

    Pat has been invited to address Current Provider and Plan Practices and Obligations in Providing Services to the Un and Under Insured together with other panelists including:

                    Judith E. Kindell, Esq., Tax Law Specialist EO Rulings and
                    Agreements, Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division, Internal
                    Revenue Service, Washington, DC

                    David F. Buysse, Esq., Senior Assistant Attorney General, Special
                    Litigation Bureau, Office of the Illinois Attorney General, Chicago, IL

                    Charlotte S. Yeh, MD, Regional Administrator, Region I, Member,
                    EMTALA Technical Advisory Group, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid
                    Services, Former Medical Director for Medicare Policy, National
                    Heritage Insurance Co., Former Physician-in-Chief, Emergency
                    Department, New England Medical Center in Boston, Boston, MA

    How Tax-exempt Hospitals Become Targets of Fraud Claims and Other Controversy 

    Target Audience:  Hospital management, including finance and compliance officers and others responssible for managing effective community benefit/charity care programs, patient advocates and other interested parties who seek to collaborate with hospitals and assist in addressing the needs of uninsured and other patients needing financial assistance. 

    WSJ headlines and other critical media coverage, AG investigations of billing and collections to uninsured, continuing class action lawsuits and settlements involving hospital practices involving uninsured patients, ongoing state efforts to remove tax exemption benefits from hospitals deemed insufficiently charitable and increasing IRS oversight, considered against the related backdrop of the continuing crisis represented by the growing numbers of uninsured and underinsured patients, suggest this as a timely topic and area that will be the source of significant continuing controversy.

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